Problem Solving teacher Don Kline asked our class to tell a story through a digital interface. As I was fascinated by Rap Genius at the time, delving into hip-hop for this project was a no-brainer. My site covers the range of rap terminology through over 30 years of music, sorting words by alphabetical order, region or decade of origin.
I wanted to choose words that made an impact beyond the boundaries of hip-hop. The slang terms featured in this interface have crossed over into the mainstream lexicon. Words like “jiggy”, “bling-bling”, “dope” and “phat” have reached such prominence that they are featured in Merriam-Webster and Oxford dictionaries.
In order to properly appreciate the slang terms, I chose to include representative music and pronunciation samples. The diction and phrasing of rap music is an art in and of itself. Certain rappers are renowned for introducing or owning certain words; they are credited thusly in the interface.