Artistic Director Blanka Zizka described the 2013/2014 season as follows:
How do we act when history catches up to us? How do we imagine the future? Reconcile the past? How does one live when his past experiences are stronger than his present life? How do we nurture love? And what is the real thing? These are some of the questions explored with humor and empathy in the plays we offer you.
The Wilma’s 2013/2014 Season is full of risks and excitement, including two World Premieres, from four acclaimed and diverse playwrights…Wilma artists are imaginative collaborators. They explore bold theatrical metaphors and create vivid, unique worlds to fully engage you on both intellectual and visceral levels.
We settled on the theme of reflection as it felt appropriate to represent the introspective nature of the season as well as the breadth of the Wilma’s casting and the versatility of its facilities. In using such a striking color palette, I drew inspiration from the wonderfully expressive sign that adorns the Wilma’s facade.